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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blank Face Charts

Good morning :) Today I am staying indoors because it is raining out and I don't feel like getting soggy. LOL Most of my housework is done so I thought I would do some face charts and figured I would share some face charts with others so they can play too :)

I did a random Google search and found some blank face charts, some downloadable and some not. I am always seeing people ask on Twitter where they can purchase face charts cheap. To be honest, I think this is way cheaper than buying them from someone and having to wait to have them shipped to you. All you need is watercolor paper to print on, a blank face chart to print , a binder to store your face charts in, some page protectors and a printer. SUPER simple!! Eventually I would also purchase a can of spray sealer to seal all of the makeup on the paper. You don't want it to transfer from the page protector and ruin the face chart. All of these items can be purchased at your local craft store (not the printer) or Walmart.

You can download this Shisheido face chart here

Bella Sugar has a cute face chart to download here

Beauty Etc. has a downloadable face chart here

Dustin Hunter (DustyOHunter on YouTube) also has a few he created and he has made them available for download here.

Beauty Newbie also has some for men and women here, a few of them are the same as ones I found.

These I don't have a link for to download but you can click on the pictures and save them.

I found this one on but if you do a Google search for "blank face charts" or "printable blank face charts" you will get plenty of charts to choose from. I hope this was helpful for some of you looking for face charts options.

ALL of the pictures above were found through Google image, no copyright intended. If one of the images is yours and would like to be credited, please contact me here. I will gladly give any and all credit where it is due :)


  1. thanks for sharing! this is awesome! i still have to by that special paper so i can print this out!!

  2. No problem :) I know that people are always looking for new face charts, myself included, so why not share what I've got ;) Have fun when you get your paper :)

  3. Cool...i have been curious about this. so one uses actual makeup and brushes to do these ? What is the sealer you're taking about, where do I get it ?

  4. @Story, yup you use actual makeup and brushes to do this. To seal in any cream/gel liners or lipstick, you seal those with matte or high shine nail polish and then seal with a spray sealant. There are a quite a few different brands one is Krylon Preserve It Digital Photo & Paper Protectant, available in Matte or Gloss. EnKore suggests Grumbacher Fixative, available for art. You can get the spray from Walmart or Michael's or an art supply store.

  5. So like a clear nail polish that's matte? I got to look into one of those sprays and start doing some. cause sometimes i'm inspired by others work or want to replicate something i've seen later but it sucks not being close to a pc all the time, lol

  6. Yup a clear nail polish that is matte or glossy for the lips and eyeliner, depending on the look you are going for. I love to do face charts, especially when I can't wear makeup. They are helpful for events like weddings to show ideas too. The downside, I have done a few looks that just didn't work out as well as it did on the face chart LOL. If you want, I can do a post (picture tutorial)showing how I do my face charts. Just let me know.

  7. Please post a tutorial of your face charts.

  8. I will try to get it up by the end of today. I have had one edited for a while just keep forgetting to post :)

  9. These look great, I always wanted to do one of these. :o)

  10. In my make up classes we used chalk pastels and/or colored pencils so stage make up wasn't wasted. No sealer needed for the colored pencils and aerosol hairspray can seal chalk pastels well enough for this use.


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